May 7, 2013 Eat probiotics to treat a


May 7, 2013

Eat probiotics to treat a multitude of ailments, from yeast infections to eczema.

Introduce some “friendly” bacteria to your diet to resolve a variety of health issues. Probiotics, found in certain yogurts and other fermented products, as well as supplements, may help prevent and treat conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, milk allergy, sinus inflammation and eczema. It may also contribute to maintaining remission in individuals with ulcerative colitis. These healthy bacteria are thought to crowd out disease-causing bacteria and to help form a protective barrier against infection. Some studies have shown definitively that people who develop antibiotic-mediated diarrhea benefit from consuming probiotics. Most recently, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study that showed a 42 percent reduction in the risk of diarrhea in people who use probiotics while taking antibiotics. The recommended dosage is 3 billion to 5 billion live organisms daily. Learn more about the Cleveland Clinic’s Prescriptive Wellness Committee and our position on the benefits of probiotics.

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